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Exhaust SystemsYour car’s exhaust system, usually found on the underside of the vehicle, is there to collect and redirect harmful emissions away from your vehicle, which reduces environmental harm and minimizes the engine exhaust. While not as prevalent as, say, the tires or the engine, the exhaust system does play a major role in how well your car runs. And at Auto Service Kingston, our experienced professional technicians are the exhaust repair experts. If you’ve got an exhaust problem or you simply want a check-up, bring it into Auto Service Kingston.

Exhaust System Service in Kingston, ON

The exhaust system can affect not just how well your car drives, but also your ability to dive it at all. Therefore, it is important to keep up with your exhaust system’s scheduled maintenance. What does this mean? Well, if you are a part of our seasonal inspection program, you will probably never need to worry about your car’s exhaust system (we will do that for you) but if you aren’t and you’ve noticed some rumbling or a rattling heat shield, it might be time to bring it into Auto Service Kingston.

Exhaust System Repair in Kingston, ON

If you’ve noticed an issue with your car’s exhaust system, there is no better place to bring it than Auto Service Kingston. Why? Because we are the exhaust repair experts. Our team of experienced pros is uniquely qualified to work on exhaust systems, offering even welding and repair of exhaust systems, a step our competitors sometimes can’t or won’t take as they may choose to replace components versus repairing. We have developed our welding and fabrication skills to be able to cut out just the bad section even if it is in poor access locations and weld in repair components as required. We have developed rusted and seized hardware extractions skills and purchased specialized tools to overcome these exhaust bolts inside engine components that other shops may choose to take the motor apart and send away to machine shops to have removed for them. Simply put, Auto Service Kingston is the only auto repair and service shop in Kingston, ON that you should think of when it comes to exhaust repair.

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When it comes to exhaust repair our team is truly the best:

  • We use exhaust repair methods that save our customers hundreds of dollars per visit
  • We offer specialty welding
  • We have the most extensive inventory of Flex pipes and repair components in the City
  • We believe in repair over replacement when it makes sense, unlike other shops that tend to choose to install new pipes and parts every time

If you’ve noticed some rumbling or clunking in your exhaust system, your heat shields are rattling, or you are simply being a responsible vehicle owner and want an exhaust system check-up, you should drive your car into the garage bays at Auto Service Kingston. We will inspect your entire exhaust system, discuss in plain English any problems you might have, and go over the needed repairs before we do anything. When it comes to exhaust service and repair on your vehicle, the only name you should think of is Auto Service Kingston.

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